Research Group

Great ideas can come from researchers at any career stage, so I strive to cultivate a collaborative atmosphere in my group while also providing individual mentorship. We pursue a broad range of research in theoretical particle physics, and we often find connections to adjacent fields.

Joining My Group Mentoring CV MIT Physics Community Values


Ph.D. Students

Pamela Pajarillo

Sean Benevedes

B.S. and M.Eng. Students

Ammar Fayad


  • Lena Funcke, Assistant Professor, U. Bonn
  • Katelin Schutz, Assistant Professor, Canada Research Chair, McGill
  • Pouya Asadi, Postdoctoral Researcher, U. Oregon
  • Bernhard Mistlberger, Staff Scientist, SLAC
  • Frédéric Dreyer, University Research Fellow, Oxford
  • Yotam Soreq, Assistant Professor, Technion
  • Benjamin Safdi, Assistant Professor, U.C. Berkeley
  • Wei Xue, Assistant Professor, U. Florida
  • Simone Marzani, Associate Professor, U. Genova
  • Gilly Elor, Research Fellow, UT Austin
  • Duff Neill, Staff Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Andrew Larkoski, Assistant Project Scientist, UCLA
  • Matthew McCullough, Staff Scientist, CERN
  • Keith Rehermann, Software Engineer, Chainlink Labs
Ph.D. Students
  • Patrick Komiske, Research Scientist, River Run Trading
  • Eric Metodiev, Research Scientist, Renaissance Technologies
  • Benjamin Elder, Research Scientist, IBM
  • Lina Necib, Assistant Professor, MIT
  • Yonatan Kahn, Assistant Professor, U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Daniele Bertolini, Machine Learning Scientist, Unlearn
  • Zoe Thomas, Applied Research Mathematician, Department of Defense
  • Francesco D’Eramo, Associate Professor, U. Padova
B.S. Students
  • Max Tan
  • Mohit Dighamber, EECS M.Eng Candidate, MIT
  • Octavio Vega, Physics Ph.D. Candidate, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Nishat Protyasha, EECS M.Eng Candidate, MIT
  • Serhii Kryhin, Physics Ph.D. Candidate, Harvard
  • Christopher Miller, Technical Instructor, MIT
  • Debaditya Pramanik, Physics Ph.D. Candidate, Princeton
  • Ziqi Zhou, Physics Ph.D. Candidate, Stony Brook
  • Talya Klinger, Physics Ph.D. Candidate, Caltech
  • Radha Mastandrea, Physics Ph.D Candidate, U.C. Berkeley
  • Eleanor Hall, Physics Ph.D. Candidate, U.C. Berkeley
  • Matthew Burns
  • Kevin Zhou, Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Berkeley
  • Aashish Tripathee, Postdoctoral Researcher, U. Michigan
  • Trung Phan, Postdoctoral Researcher, Johns Hopkins
  • T.J. Wilkason, Senior Quantum Engineer, Atom Computing
  • Mobolaji Williams, Data Scientist, Jellyfish
  • Dustin Katzin, Software Engineering Team Lead, Bloomberg
  • Tucker Chan, Physics Ph.D. Candidate, Stanford
  • Lin Fei, Physics Ph.D. Candidate, Princeton
  • Ken Van Tilburg, Assistant Professor, NYU
M.Eng. Students
  • Raymond Wynne, Physics Ph.D. Candidate, Caltech
  • Nilai Sarda, Researcher, Quantitative Finance
  • Preksha Naik, Physics Ph.D. Candidate, Caltech