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Joining My Research Group

Prospective Postdocs

With its huge breadth of research interests and expertise, the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT is a great place to do postdoctoral research. Please contact me for further information about the group.

Formal CTP postdoc applications are available on Academic Jobs Online. Exceptional postdoctoral candidates should consider applying for the Pappalardo Fellowship at MIT.

Prospective Graduate Students

I am currently taking MIT graduate students interested in all aspects of physics in and beyond the standard model. If you are interested, please send me an email with your CV and previous research experience.

Prospective Undergraduate Students

To do meaningful research in theoretical particle physics at the undergraduate level, you must have taken at least a course on Relativity (8.033) and a full year of Quantum Mechanics (8.05/8.06). I often work with students who have been exposed to some graduate-level courses at MIT, though there are also research projects available for students with extensive programming experience. Funding is available through the UROP program. Please contact me about possible projects.

Prospective High School Students

Currently, I am not conducting research with high school students. However, MIT offers a number of Summer Programs for high school students to gain research experience.

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