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 ==== Quotations and Perspectives ==== ==== Quotations and Perspectives ====
 +  * [[https://​phys.org/​news/​2019-11-plot-thickens-hypothetical-x17-particle.html|CERN on Fifth Forces]]
   * [[http://​symmetrymagazine.org/​article/​with-open-data-scientists-share-their-work|Symmetry Magazine on Open Data]]   * [[http://​symmetrymagazine.org/​article/​with-open-data-scientists-share-their-work|Symmetry Magazine on Open Data]]
   * [[https://​cms.cern/​news/​cms-releases-open-data-machine-learning|CMS Open Data ML Release]]   * [[https://​cms.cern/​news/​cms-releases-open-data-machine-learning|CMS Open Data ML Release]]
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